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At Boyd CAT Machinery, we’re proud of our hard-earned reputation for being a trusted friend of the farmers in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. We’ve been able to accomplish this by offering the best agriculture equipment on the market and backing it with superior service after the sale. We’re happy to offer an extensive line of ag products from Ag Leader, a leading provider of high-precision data gathering and analysis tools that can make any commercial growing operation more productive — and profitable.



When you choose an Ag Leader product you know you are getting the best technology. Ag Leader products are compatible with many different lines of equipment, they are easy-to-use, have year-round capabilities, they increase your efficiency and input control and collect and share valuable field data. These are the reasons many farmers choose this unrivaled technology – you can get the same once you call your Boyd CAT Agribusiness Technology Specialist today.

Ag Leader Planting Solutions Reduce Seed Costs and Maximize Yields

Ag Leader’s SeedCommand farming system helps eliminate overplanting. This intuitive planting tool enables you to determine the best places to plant, as well as how much seed you will need. You’ll be able to completely manage your seeding process from one user-friendly display. Use SeedCommand to reduce the likelihood of unproductive double-planting, simplify the process of following the end row at harvest, minimize yield loss due to nutrient competition and generally increase planting productivity.

Ag Leader Tools Can Help Produce a More Bountiful Harvest

Efficient planting and seeding mean little if you are unable to reap the rewards of your hard work. Ag Leader harvest tools provide useful real-time data as your combine traverses your fields.
Advanced yield monitoring technology allows you to instantly see yields throughout the harvesting process. You’ll also be able to assess the impact of field conditions on your yield. What’s more, you’ll be able to create accurate, detailed yield maps that will assist you in planning for the next growing season.

Save Time and Effort During Application

Are you wasting too much time when applying herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer? Ag Leader offers precision application products that allow you to get your agrochemicals exactly where they need to be in a time-efficient manner.
DirectCommand gives you complete control over the application process, while also providing real-time mapping capabilities so you’ll know the current status of your application projects from start to finish. DirectCommand also includes an innovative AutoSwath feature for spreaders and sprayers that is specifically designed to prevent wasteful agrochemical over-application.

Maximize the Use of Your Most Important Growing Resource: Water

The ability to manage water use effectively can make the difference between crop success and failure. The cutting-edge Intellislope Tile Plow Control System from Ag Leader simplifies the process of tile installation to promote efficient water drainage.
Tile Plow can reduce field compaction and denitrification that is often the result of insufficient drainage. Tile Plow can also help create a deeper root zone and enable earlier warming of the soil, which can enhance the crop development process. In addition, tile Plow offers a hassle-free water management solution alternative to using complex laser surveying equipment.

Unrivaled Data Management Capabilities Help You Make Better Decisions

All Ag Leader solutions provide precision data that will prove invaluable in your decision-making processes. The ability to gather and analyze accurate, timely data allows you to maximize your current growing procedures, as well as identify areas of improvement. By collecting data over multiple growing seasons, you’ll gain a better understanding of the impact of variables that affect your yields. Most of all, Ag Leader data management solutions will have a positive effect on what matters the most: your bottom line.

Contact Boyd CAT to Learn More About Ag Leader Products

The Boyd CAT staff includes knowledgeable agribusiness experts who are well-versed in the latest ag equipment technology. We can help you choose the Ag Leader data management solution that will help you make the most of every growing season. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of using Ag Leader products in your Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio farming operation.

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