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Challenger tractors are as much a part of the farming landscape in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio as the crops they help plant and harvest. That’s because Challenger tractors are tough enough to handle the most demanding crop and field conditions with ease. Their remarkable durability also ensures that your ag tractor will remain a valuable member of your equipment fleet for years to come.

As authorized Challenger tractor dealers in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio, you can always count on Boyd CAT Machinery to offer the latest Challenger machines featuring advanced technology that will increase productivity and lower your operating costs. Our knowledgeable agribusiness specialists can help you select the best Challenger tractor for your farming operation.


When you farm in the world’s most demanding environments, it takes a strong will and equally uncompromising equipment to get the job done. Challenger understands this. So they designed an entire lineup of machines powerful enough to tackle the widest fields, steepest hills and tightest planting and harvesting windows. Take advantage of our leading-edge precision ag solutions to transform your enterprise with reduced input costs, greater efficiency and profitability. And behind all of our Challenger machines, you’ll find a Boyd CAT representative who’s prepared to make downtime history.

MT400D Series


“Versatility” is the best word to describe the Challenger MT400D Series of high-performing utility tractors. Key features include a robust, redesigned 4.9L AGCO engine specifically designed for ag tasks. Accessible controls simplify operation and maximize productivity. The updated cab design features a six-post structure that resembles that of larger tractors. With so many models to choose from, there’s an MT400D utility tractor for every need and budget.

Challenger MT400D Series Utility Tractor Models:

MT455D, MT465D, MT475D, MT485D, MT495D



The MT500E Series includes a wide assortment of high-horsepower row crop tractors that provide the brute strength needed to handle your most demanding jobs in the field. Choose from small- and large-frame versions featuring three different transmission options. The engines are specifically designed for ag jobs and include a state-of-the-art engine performance management system. The advanced auto-steering system reduces input costs and lowers operator fatigue.

Challenger MT500 Series Large Frame Models:

MT555E, MT565E, MT575E, MT585E, MT595E

Small Frame Models:

MT515E, MT525E, MT535E, MT545E

MT600E Series2


Another Challenger variation of the high-horsepower row crop tractor, the MT600E Series represents an upgrade in power, efficiency and comfort. Featuring the latest AGCO Power engines that produce higher torque at lower RPMs, these row crop tractors possess remarkable hauling and towing capabilities. Innovative onboard features enable you to work smarter instead of harder, so you can make the most of your time in the field. MT600E tractors also include the most spacious cabs of any machine in their class, along with a 360-degree view for maximum visibility.

Challenger MT600 Series Row Crop Tractor Models:

MT645E, MT655E, MT665E, MT675E, MT685E



The MT700E Series Challenger track tractors are designed to reduce compaction in the field, while also delivering more power to the ground. The revolutionary Mobil-trac™ undercarriage system ensures the power is administered in the most efficient manner. The onboard power management system and intuitive automatic steering system make these track tractors simple to operate. Oscillating mid-wheels provide a smooth ride on all types of terrain to keep operators comfortable and productive throughout the long day in the field.

Challenger MT700E Series Track Tractor Models:

MT755E, MT765E, MT775E



The largest and most powerful Challenger track tractors in the field, the MT800E Series machines produce high horsepower and unsurpassed torque. These robust track tractors offer more than just brute strength, however. The ergonomically designed cab features an automatic steering system for easy, seamless navigation. The unique, user-friendly One-Touch control system makes tractor operation a breeze. The combination of oscillating mid-wheels, Marsh Mellow springs and air-suspension seat provides a smooth, comfortable ride.

Challenger MT800E Series Track Tractor Models:

MT845E, MT945E, MT955E, MT965E



Challenger also manufactures a wide range of tractors for specialized agricultural tasks. The MT900E Series of articulated tractors are ideally suited for covering large amounts of acreage in a short amount of time. The robust 16.8L AGCO Power engines generate more than sufficient torque to easily handle your heaviest lugging jobs. The absence of downshifting helps conserve fuel and prolong engine life. On the inside, you’ll find a state-of-the-art Tractor Management Center that puts all core machine functions within easy reach of the operator.

Challenger MT900E Series Articulated Tractor Models:

955E, 965E, 975E

We’re Also Your Headquarters for Dependable Used Challenger Tractors for Sale

If a brand-new Challenger tractor doesn’t meet your needs or fit your budget, you can find a tremendous selection of top-quality used ag tractors at Boyd CAT . You’ll find late-model, low-hour and more seasoned Challenger tractors of all types. Every used tractor we sell undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure it meets our — and your — stringent quality standards.

Learn More About Our New and Used Challenger Tractor Inventory

If it’s time to add a reliable, hardworking Challenger tractor to your ag equipment fleet, Boyd CAT have the right machine at the right price. Browse our current ag tractor inventory online today or stop by the Boyd CAT dealer location in your area for a closer look.


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