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CLAAS LEXION combines are superior harvesting machines that will enable you to fully reap the rewards of all your hard work. CLAAS LEXION combines are known for their remarkable combination of strength, performance and efficiency, regardless of terrain or crop conditions.

That’s why so many farmers throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio have made CLAAS LEXION combines their one and only choice when it comes to getting the crops in on time. If you’re looking for the latest CLAAS LEXION combines with the most advanced technological features, look no further than your nearest Boyd CAT dealer location.

Our current selection of Lexion combine products includes:

Lexion 8000

CLAAS LEXION COMBINEs | 8000-7000 Series

Built to save you time and make you money.

The LEXION combine is an engineered mix of efficiency, precision, and convenience—all in a reliable and easily-maintained package. It’s the only combine that can get more done in the same amount of time, without sacrificing the quality of what you get out of the field. So go ahead, bring on more acres. The LEXION combine can handle it.


LEXION 8000-7000, LEXION 780-730, AND LEXION 670

Lexion APS

APS and Roto Plus Combine for the Most Productive Threshing and Separation in the Industry

LEXION 700-600 Series combines also include the exclusive Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) threshing system, which separates up to 30 percent of the grain prior to entering the threshing cylinder. This can result in a net performance increase of as much as 20 percent, with no resulting fuel increase. There’s also the revolutionary ROTO PLUS system featuring high-performance rotors that optimize separation performance. These two systems combine to provide an unmatched level of threshing and separation efficiency.

Lexion TerraTrac

TERRA TRAC for Increased Speed and Stability

The advanced TERRA TRAC system enables your LEXION combine to move faster from field to field, while also providing greater traction and stability. The improved traction means your combine will perform well in icy, wet conditions and on rugged terrain. The hydropneumatic suspension can be raised or lowered during machine operation, enabling the combine to adapt to changing ground conditions. The low ground pressure — as low as 10.5 psi — minimizes soil compaction.


MAXFLEX Heads Enable Efficient Harvesting Close to the Ground

As the name implies, MAXFLEX heads from CLAAS offer the flexibility you need to harvest crops that are close to the ground. The head’s cutting bar features a vertical flex range of up to 7” and is equipped with a high-precision cutting knife that automatically adapts to changing ground conditions. The split reel, split auger and dual knife design maximize header performance, regardless of terrain or field conditions. Other standard features include a hydraulic reel drive, poly reel tines with adjustable tine pitch and auger fingers across the full width of the header.


MAXFLO Draper Headers for High-Precision Harvesting

MAXFLO headers feature a state-of-the-art intake system design that relies on an intake auger as opposed to a center feed belt. This results in increased efficiency and precision when harvesting small grains and rice. Draper belt speed can be adjusted easily as ground and crop conditions demand. The center-bearing supported reel is specifically designed to eliminate crop wrapping.

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