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If you’re looking for grain carts that are rugged and durable enough to handle your heaviest loads, Demco offers a wide range of solutions. Demco carts feature a solidly built chassis that can withstand the punishment of traversing the most challenging terrain, even when carrying a full load. They’re also equipped with the innovative Posi-Flow box that makes unloading grain a fast and easy process. The forward-folding auger enables excellent visibility of the grain during unloading.

Boyd CAT Machinery are your headquarters for an assortment of Demco grain carts in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. You also get the benefit of the superior service that has been the hallmark of our companies for over a combined 150 years. Our agribusiness experts can help you explore your Demco grain cart options, so you can choose the product that’s best for your ag operation.


Demco 550

DEMCO Grain Cart | 550

The versatile Demco 550 is the perfect choice for relatively small grain hauling operations. The 30” hydraulically controlled flow gate enables smooth and efficient grain unloading. You’ll also experience easier handling thanks to the tighter turning radius provided by the 7,000 lb. drop-leg tongue jack. The welded box construction with silicone sealed seams offers excellent resistance against corrosion. There are even halogen auger spotlight and taillights for safe nighttime operation. A roll top tarp and adjustable auger spout are available as options.
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Demco 650


The Demco 650 features sturdy UltraFlyte construction. UltraFlyte is a tough high-carbon steel with a thick outer edge that significantly increases wear resistance and promotes rapid conveying. The auger includes a hand-wheel-operated clean-out door at the bottom, which simplifies cleanup at the end of the growing season. Both the auger drive and tractor PTO are protected by the automatic reset cut-out clutch. Two grain-viewing windows provide excellent visibility. An adjustable spout is available as an optional Demco 650 feature.

Demco 750


As with other Demco grain cart models, the 750 is equipped with an auger that folds within the box for easy, compact storage. An additional optional feature is the ergonomically designed pendant control. Available accessories include the brand-new wireless scale connection that is compatible with Android and Apple systems. The 750 is also available with either a 120” fixed or 120” to 144” adjustable axle tread width. A rear-mounted SMV sign is included as a standard feature.

Demco 850

DEMCO Grain Cart | 850

The Demco 850 comes with the option of chrome flighting for increased wear resistance. Another new feature available with this model is the revolutionary wireless auto weighing system from Agrimatics that streamlines and simplifies the grain weighing process. Axle options include a 120” to 160” adjustable axle for use with single wheels, as well as 120” to 180” dual-wheel fixed axle. Accessories include a pendant grip control that can be installed in the factory or the field.

Demco 1150


The Demco 1150 grain cart comes with 35,000 lb. ductile iron hubs and an adjustable auger spout as standard features. The convenient ergonomic pendant grip control, available as an option, enables simplified remote control of various cart features including the adjustable spout, slide gate and folding auger. As with the 850 version, the Demco 1150 includes the Agrimatics wireless auto weighing system that makes grain weighing faster and more efficient.

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