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If you’re like many Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio farmers, corn is one of — if not the most important — crop you grow each year. An efficient corn harvest can mean the difference between a profitable and not-so-successful growing season.

If your corn harvesting equipment isn’t getting the job done, Boyd CAT has the perfect solution. We feature reliable Drago Corn Heads as part of our extensive selection of agriculture equipment. Drago isn’t just the head of its class — it’s the only head in its class!

The Drago Series II Allows You to Harvest First and Chop Second

The goal of any corn harvesting operation is to get as much yield as possible. The Drago Series II corn heads include advanced Kernel Capture Technology™ that virtually eliminates waste during harvesting. The corn head is designed to chop the stalk after the ear is removed, ensuring no ears are lost during chopping. This is thanks to the oversized idler sprocket that extends well in front of the corn row.

Key Drago Series II features include:

  • Automatic Self-Adjusting Deck Plates: These deck plates prevent kernels and ears from slipping through with no need for operator intervention.
  • Longer Knife Rollers: Long, low-profile rollers help reduce ear bounce and shelling loss, while increasing ear retention.
  • Overlapping Gathering Chains: The large idler sprockets enable chain fingers to overlap and allow for more aggressive chain function.
  • Revolutionary Chopping System Design: The rear-mounted chopping process enables ear harvesting before stalk chopping.
  • High-Precision Gear Boxes: The Drago is the only corn head equipped with gearboxes that are milled with such a high level of precision that shimming is not required. This ensures increased durability and longer head life.

Drago GT: Raising the Bar in Corn Head Technology and Performance

The Drago GT takes corn head technology to a higher level. Drago GT features include:

  • Automatic Self-Adjust Deck Plates With QuadSuspension™: This includes integrated ear shocks under the deck plates that reduce “butt shelling.”
  • Twin Chop+: Twin Chop+ enables the knife rollers to run more slowly, providing maximum yield retention, while still offering continuous stalk-chopping capabilities.
  • Dynamic Delivery System: This system prevents common culprits of ear loss such as butt-shelling at pull-down and kernels lost through the deck plates, resulting in maximum corn yield.
  • Chainless Design: The Drago GT is equipped with Endura Drive™, a chainless, gear-driven powertrain system that delivers power directly to key corn head components.
  • Spiral Bevel Gearboxes: Commonly used in the automotive industry, spiral-cut gears deliver power more efficiently, while reducing gear maintenance and extending gear life.
  • Independent Component Protection: The Drago GT is the only corn head on the market with independent component protection to minimize mechanical breakdowns and extend equipment life.

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A great way to experience what a Drago corn head can do for your corn harvesting operation is to stop by one of Boyd CAT’s 24 regional locations and see one in person. You can also contact us by phone or email for additional product and pricing information.

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