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How can you be sure you’re getting the highest yields during harvesting? A great way to start is by making sure you’re using the best equipment for the job. Gleaner is a trusted manufacturer of reliable, high-performing combines and corn heads that are a top choice of farmers throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. As a proud Gleaner dealer, Boyd CAT can provide the right Gleaner product that will ensure a bountiful — and profitable — harvest.

What makes Gleaner combines different from other harvesting machines on the market? It all starts with the unique Gleaner design feature known as Optimum Harvesting Performance. The goal of this one-of-a-kind design process is to maximize every minute, gallon, pound and dollar during combine operation. Increased productivity and reduced waste is a formula that results in a more profitable harvest.

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Gleaner products available from Boyd CAT include:


Gleaner S8 Series Combines

The Gleaner S8 Series is the product of more than eight decades of combine design and engineering innovation. Key S8 combine features include the Natural Flow™ transverse rotor that keeps the crop moving in a single direction from the header, into the rotor and out of the rear of the machine. The two-stage, four-strand gathering chain system enables smooth feeding of the cylinder at a consistent angle, regardless of header height. The distribution augers are designed to produce even spreading before entering the cleaning process.

Gleaner S8 Series Combine Models:

S68, S78, S88


gleaner corn

Gleaner 3000 Series Corn Heads

Gleaner 3000 Series corn heads are designed for faster, easier harvesting with minimal ear and kernel damage. At only 21.5 degrees, these are also the lowest-angle corn heads in the industry. This enables the dividers to slide down under the stalk, then gently straighten, which significantly reduces the risk of crop damage. The stripper plates can be electrically controlled from inside the cab. Gleaner 3000 Series corn heads are available in six, eight and 12-row variations.



Gleaner 9250 Series DynaFlex™ Draper Headers

These draper heads are specifically designed and engineered to optimize the capacity of your combine by providing more efficient operation. The cutter bar can be controlled from your combine’s cab and offers superior flexibility to adjust to the harvesting task at hand. With an 8” vertical travel range, the cutter bar is fully capable of picking your crop at ground level. The fiberglass-reinforced belt slats are equipped with V-belt guides to make tracking a more consistent process.

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