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Daily: $885
Weekly: $2,650
Monthly: $8,650
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HYDREMAs completely new 912HM model provides extraordinary accessability off road and the definite lowest ground pressure of the market.

Completely new opportunities for transportation in soft terrain and on surfaces, where low ground pressure is needed, are opened up with this new dump truck.

912HM has as standard HYDREMA’s completely new suspension system for extraordinary comfort.
912HM has the same Perkins engine and ZF transmission as the Hydrema 912DS model, with 131 hp and a 6-step transmission.

600/60×30,5 tyres are mounted as standard, which provides the opportunity of registration for driving on road, but the 912HM can also be delivered with 800/45×30,5 tyres which are even more suitable either for difficult terrain or golf courses.

Product Specs

Engine Model Perkins E1104D
Gross Power 131 hp
Rated Payload 11 tons

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