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Rental Backhoe Loader

If your Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio business involves construction, mining, agriculture, forestry or landscaping, you probably can’t do without a dependable backhoe loader for even a day. So what happens when a mechanical failure puts your backhoe loader out of commission? What if a sudden spike in business requires you to add to your backhoe fleet, but you’re not in a position to purchase new equipment?
Don’t let the lack of a reliable backhoe loader hamstring your business and prevent you from completing your jobs on time. If you’re in KY or Southern IN, there’s a Whayne Walker dealer location near you that’s ready to provide the fast equipment solution you need. You’ll find Whayne – The Cat Rental Store in cities such as Evansville, Louisville, Paducah and Ashland that you can always count on for the best equipment at affordable prices.  

Rental Backhoe Loaders

Cat® Backhoe Loader Rentals by the Day, Week or Month

Whayne Walker is the only authorized Cat equipment dealer in KY and Southern IN. Our rental fleet includes late-model, low-hour Cat backhoe loader rental units featuring the rugged reliability and superior performance that have made Caterpillar® the world’s undisputed heavy equipment leader for nearly a century. Cat backhoes are ideally suited for many digging, trenching and material handling jobs in general construction, landscaping, excavating and paving operations. You’ll have the flexibility to rent backhoe loaders by the day, week or month. You’ll find Cat backhoe loader rentals in various models that can provide dig depths ranging to nearly 18 feet. These four-wheel-drive units ensure the excellent traction and stability required for safe and efficient operation. The spacious cabs and state-of-the-art controls are designed to increase operator productivity, which will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Expert Assistance to Save You Time and Money

At Whayne Walker, we understand the importance of completing the backhoe loader rental process as quickly as possible. Our equipment rental experts have extensive knowledge of every machine in our fleet. We can help you select the right backhoe for your job — you won’t have to waste valuable time comparing product features and specifications. By saving you time, we can ultimately save your business money!

Try a Backhoe Loader Before You Buy

A backhoe loader rental doesn’t just have to be for providing a temporary equipment solution. It’s also a great way to try out a piece of equipment as part of the buying process. By renting a similar late-model machine, you’ll get firsthand experience with all the technological innovations and features that a new machine has to offer. You’ll be able to make an informed buying decision for your company.

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When you rent backhoe loaders from Whayne Walker, you’re partnering with a respected heavy equipment dealer that has been proudly serving the region since 1913. Keep us in mind when it’s time for your next backhoe loader rental in KY or Southern IN!  
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