Water Pumps


For jobs ranging from sewage treatment, seawater handling and deep well drilling to pumping water, petroleum or petrochemicals, having access to the right equipment is an operational necessity. When you’re in the market for a water pump, and purchasing new equipment isn’t part of the plan, renting often makes the most sense.
Whayne Walker CAT offers a complete selection of water pump rentals in KY and Southern IN to meet your needs for quality machines on demand. We offer comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to help your business maximize productivity while controlling costs relating to owning and operating equipment.

Rental Water Pumps


We’re a go-to source for water pump rentals near ME, KY and parts of Indiana with a broad selection to choose from. From the portable yet powerful Sykes GP100 centrifugal pump for temporary low-volume pumping to the lightweight and maneuverable Wacker PS2 400 submersible pump with a maximum flow of 53 GPM, you’ll find the specific models you require within our extensive inventory. Our experienced water pump rental team will work with you to assess your needs in order to identify the equipment that represents the most efficient and effective solutions. Featured products include:
  • Wacker Centrifugal Pumps — The PT series of centrifugal pumps by Wacker range in operating weight from 131 to 1,605-pounds and tops out at maximum discharge rates of 1,300 GPM. These self-priming trash pumps are built with rugged components for durability in the rental environment and are proven in the most challenging jobsites around the world. Available models come in stationary and wheeled configurations and include the PT 6 with a mixed flow impeller design for higher volume and increased pump capacity for larger jobs.
  • Wacker Submersible Rental Pumps — When you need a pump for underwater work sites, the PS2 400 and PS2 800 submersible pumps answer the call. Popular solutions for construction, mining, municipal and agriculture jobs, models feature built-in thermal protection to eliminate downtime and an extra-strong power cord that resists strains and abrasions.
  • Sykes Centrifugal Water Pumps — These compact priming centrifugal pumps demonstrate their flexibility to handle sewer bypass, well-point dewatering, straight dewatering and solids up to three inches in diameter. Units feature engine containment systems to prevent environmental spills and provide more than 28 hours of operating life on a single fueling.

Benefits of a Quality Water Pump Rental

KY and IN industries ranging from general contracting to waste management understand success rests on the ability to access reliable equipment. As an authorized Cat® dealership with over 100 years of experience, we have the expertise to maintain a selection of rental water pumps capable of meeting your diverse work site requirements. Our rental solutions make sense whether you have a one-time job, are experiencing a period of increased demand or simply wish to avoid the capital expense of purchasing new equipment.


Whether you need a short-term emergency water pump rental near ME, or a longer term rental in IN or KY, you’ve come to the right place. Whayne Walker makes it convenient to find exactly what you need with locations in Jeffersonville, Dry Ridge, Bowling Green, Hopkinsville and across the region. In addition to also being in cities such as Lexington, Louisville, Evansville and Ownensboro, we have the capabilities to deliver water pump rentals throughout our service territory. Benefits of our water pump rental services include:
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term rentals
  • Full-service maintenance and repairs
  • 24/7 emergency support and live technical assistance
Get in touch with us today about rental water pumps in IN and KY. Fill out our online contact form for additional information and to request a free quote.

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