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Schulte Industries manufactures a line of cutting-edge rotary cutters that are the product of more than 100 years of innovation and close attention to quality. They provide the superior power and remarkable cutting efficiency that is ideally suited for large areas and wide-open spaces. As the authorized Schulte dealer in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio, Boyd CAT is your headquarters for the latest Schulte mowers, along with the unparalleled service that has been the hallmark of our company since 1913.

Schulte XH1500


The XH1500 Series 4 industrial-grade cutter is the perfect choice for high-demand agricultural and commercial mowing jobs. The all-new Bondioli gearboxes provide superior horsepower, while the high-torque wing clutch delivers the peak performance needed for those rougher cutting tasks. The single-domed sweep clean deck design eliminates excess weight issues and helps prevent corrosion on the top side deck. Replaceable spring steel bushings simplify the preventive maintenance process.

Schulte FX520


The FX520 features an advanced five-rotor design that optimizes cutting performance and increases productivity. The progressive six-gear box layout enables you to cut at higher speeds without sacrificing efficiency. The slip clutch at each of the five down boxes thoroughly protects the drive line, helping prevent damage and extend mower life. There’s even a hitch lift assist to help the mower maneuver over obstacles in the field and minimize the stress placed on down shafts and mower blades.

Schulte FX318


The FX318 represents Schulte’s entry into the world of the flex wing mower. It’s the perfect cutting machine for crop residue, large pastures, orchards and roadside areas. This rotary cutter features a narrow transport width that simplifies movement and increases mower safety. The uniquely designed seven-gauge domed deck effectively sheds water and various types of debris, helping extend deck life. Heavy-duty gearboxes provide enhanced mower performance and add to the FX318’s remarkable durability. Drive options include 540 rpm and 1000 rpm versions.

Schulte FX1800


The Schulte FX1800 is equipped with a single-dome, seven-gauge welded deck that makes mower cleanup a breeze, while also reducing the onset of corrosion by preventing water pooling. Available in 540 or 1000 rpm drive options, this rotary cutter features a four gearbox drive line with independent slip clutches. The 6.5” blade overlap and extra-high blade tip speeds ensure fast and efficient cutting in all types of conditions, while minimizing blade wear and damage. There’s also an 80-degree CV shaft that enables smooth, easy transmission of engine power even when executing tight turns.

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With 24 convenient locations throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio, there’s sure to be a Boyd CAT store in your neighborhood. Feel free to stop by for a closer look at the latest selection of Schulte rotary cutters and meet our friendly and knowledgeable new equipment sales team. You can also contact us by phone or email for additional product information and to receive a no-obligation mower price quote.

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