Customer Service Agreements

Does the cost of preventive maintenance keep you from having your heavy equipment serviced on a regular basis? Entering into flexible Customer Service Agreement (CSA) with Boyd CAT provides a timely, cost-effective maintenance solution that can keep your Cat® and allied machines on the job and extend their lifespan. You’ll also find that regular maintenance will actually reduce your equipment operating and ownership costs over time.

How Does a CSA Work?

A CSA gives you the flexibility to develop a customized preventive maintenance program that meets your needs and budget. You select which machines you wish to have serviced on a regular basis, whether it’s one piece of equipment, your entire fleet or anything in between. We’ll then work with you to develop a service strategy and schedule to ensure your machines receive the appropriate preventive maintenance they require. Your CSA costs can be configured as a flat monthly fee, based on actual production hours or other convenient and affordable payment arrangements.

Equipment Maintenance Performed by Expert Boyd CAT Service Technicians

Our team of well-trained, highly skilled technicians perform all service work. They know what it takes to keep Cat and other brand-name equipment operating at maximum efficiency. Our techs rely on advanced diagnostic equipment to detect and troubleshoot minor maintenance issues before they become major — and expensive — repair headaches. We also use preventive maintenance checklists and other resources to ensure a thorough machine inspection.

Is a CSA Right for Your Company?

Evaluation of several factors will help you determine if a CSA from Boyd CAT is a smart option for your company. A CSA makes sense if:

  • You don’t have the resources/manpower on hand to stick to a regular maintenance schedule.
  • You don’t have any regular preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Your fleet is experiencing frequent mechanical breakdowns, or your equipment repair costs are too high.
  • At least 20 percent of your equipment repair costs result from after-failure repairs.
  • You find that you need to replace machines in your fleet more frequently than you should.

If any of these scenarios occur in your business, a CSA can provide a substantial return on your investment in the form of lower repair costs, increased productivity due to less equipment downtime and longer intervals between machine replacement.

Equipment Age Is Not an Issue!

It doesn’t matter if your equipment has just come from the assembly plant or been on the job for many years: A CSA can provide a cost-effective maintenance solution for machines of all ages. In fact, a CSA is a great way to ensure older machines receive the attention they need to keep performing at a high level — and continue to stay on the job.

Contact Us to Get Your Preventive Maintenance Plan Started

Contact Boyd CAT today to learn more about the many cost-saving benefits provided by a Customer Service Agreement. Our equipment service experts will be happy to work with you to create your customized preventive maintenance plan.

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