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Sunflower grain drills are known for providing superior seeding quality, making them a favorite choice of farmers and commercial growers across Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. These well-constructed, hard-working drills are known for their remarkable durability and host of innovative features that make the seeding process faster and easier than ever before.

Sunflower grain drills include heavy frames that provide a solid, rugged foundation for the machine. They’re also equipped with the largest seed hoppers in the industry, with seed capacities as high as 3.75 bushels per foot. The hoppers are constructed of 16-gauge steel, enabling them to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding seeding operations. The variable meters ensure a continuous flow of materials, while being extremely gentle on seeds.

Boyd CAT is your one-stop headquarters in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio for the latest Sunflower grain drills on the market. Our staff includes knowledgeable agribusiness experts who can help you select the right drill for your seeding operations. You also get the benefit of the attentive, reliable service that has been a Boyd CAT hallmark since 1913.



The 9312 is a basic multifunctional pull type pasture drill that is perfect for re-seeding pastures impacted by livestock over-grazing or severe drought conditions. They also work well along electrical highline right-of-ways and highways.

Key features include an all-purpose opener specifically designed for no-till operation during standard seeding tasks. The simple screw-type adjustment enables fast and easy altering of seed metering rates as needed. These low-profile seed boxes provide a seed capacity of up to 2.4 bushels per foot. The clear plastic glass on the seed boxes allows for easy viewing of seed levels.



This true three-point grain drill is one of the few mounted no-till drills currently on the market. Available in widths of up to 20’, the 9412 is compatible with category II and category III hitches for easy tractor towing. A transport pull hitch is available as an optional feature. The nylon seed cups feature six internal flutes for accurate measuring of various seed types without causing seed damage. You can also slide the drive wheels in and out as needed to accommodate different row spacing. Optional marker assemblies with a 15” diameter blade are also available.



Another three-point grain drill option, the 9413 offers extra capacity and is designed for maximum ease of operation. The 9413 also provides the flexibility to make fast and easy adjustments for use in conventional, minimum-till or no-till seeding processes.

The built-in weight and strength provided by the machine’s heavy-duty construction ensure reliable performance in even the most challenging no-till field conditions. The large-capacity seed boxes can hold up to 3.75 bushels per foot of seed. Other standard features include a transport safety light kit and SMV emblem.



The 9421 is designed for maximum ease of operation — it’s the ideal machine if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to a more expensive split row planter. This solidly constructed two-section grain drill is equipped with in-line three-bushel-per-foot grain boxes for simplified seed filling, while perfectly aligning the all-purpose openers for easier operator control.

There’s also a full 8” of front-to-rear stagger between opener units. The machine’s unique two-section design enables a narrow transport width and center flexibility, making this grain drill highly maneuverable. The Sunflower 9421 is available in working widths of 20’, 25’ and 30’.



With its revolutionary frame design, the 9435 is known for its remarkable flexibility and ability to perform well in all field conditions. The staggered grain box configuration prevents box contact, and the straight-end walls ensure equal seed distribution over all meters. The drive mechanisms are equipped with maintenance-free sprockets and a spring-loaded drive wheel, ensuring constant soil contact throughout seeding while providing highly accurate seed metering. You can also easily adjust seed metering rates. The 9435 is available in 30’ and 40’ models and spacing options of 7.5” and 10”. Capabilities include traditional, minimum-till and no-till seeding.



The Sunflower 9510 offers the ideal combination of high capacity and remarkable versatility that allows you to spend less time filling and more time in the field. The key feature is the divided hopper that allows operators to fertilize while planting or convert to all-seed mode. The latter function includes a capacity of up to 75 bushels.

Model choices include drilling widths of 15’ and 20’ and row spacing of either 7.5” or 10”. Both options include an advanced opener assembly for fast and efficient seed placement. You also have the ability to easily adjust the fertilizer rate as needed.



The 9531 is a high-capacity grain drill that can handle up to 150 bushels when operated in all-seed mode (40’ model only). This can significantly reduce the time you spend filling, giving you more time to spend in the field.

In addition to the 40’ model, there’s also a 30’ version for smaller seeding and fertilizing tasks. Both models come with a choice of 7.5” and 10” row spacing. The innovative fold-forward, three-section design offers extremely flexible grain drill operation, regardless of field conditions, as well as a narrow transport width.



While the Sunflower 9610 may appear to be a conventional grain drill at first glance, it offers uncommon versatility that makes it suitable for many types of seeding tasks. This drill is equipped with two seed hoppers that are the largest of their kind in the industry, providing a robust capacity of three bushels per foot. The standard pneumatic pressure on each row enables a rapid response as soil conditions change. The uniquely designed bolt-in hopper bottom enables multiple row spacing with the same hopper. Options include legume/grass seeder or native grass seeding attachment for even greater versatility.



The Sunflower air-till drill lineup includes the 9700 Series drill that is available in seeding widths of up to 60’ and a wide range of fertilizer placement options. Key features include extra-wide packing wheels that are ideally suited to promote uniform emergence when planting small-grain crops. The heavy-duty frame is designed to enable maximum row unit penetration in even the most challenging soil conditions. The frame and wings are built atop walking tandems to provide more uniform seeding depth with fewer variations. The one-pass seeding capability ensures maximum speed and efficiency, allowing you to spend more time in the field.



The 9800 is a single-disc air drill that represents a significant upgrade in drill technology. This state-of-the-art machine allows you to drill at faster speeds without creating uneven seed rows. It’s also capable of conventional, minimum-till or no-till seeding, whether you’re planting on flat or sloped ground.

The openers feature hydraulic down pressure that can be adjusted from the cab while the machine is in operation. The revolutionary 9800 design also prevents the need for a gauge wheel next to the disc, resulting in a highly efficient soil displacement process that prevents sidewall compaction and open seed furrows. The 9800 is available in seeding widths ranging from 30’ to 60’.



The Sunflower 9900 Air Cart can work in tandem with the 9800 Single-Disc Air Drill to create an accurate, versatile seeding combination for virtually any farming operation. The single-axle 9930 model is equipped with three tanks, offering a total capacity of up to 525 bushels. You can also choose the 9920 model that is available in two different versions and provides exceptional tow-behind performance.

All models feature stainless-steel commodity tanks that ensure durable performance and an exceptional return on your long-term investment. Other key features include centralized hydraulics, an ISO monitoring system and high-efficiency air system.

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