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The all-important first step in the growing process is the proper and thorough preparation of the land and soil. If you’re a farmer or commercial grower, your goal is to create a consistent, residue-free seedbed that will give your burgeoning plants sufficient access to the groundwater and loose soil they need to thrive.

Sunflower — a leading manufacturer of high-quality ag equipment solutions for seven decades — offers a wide range of effective tillage products that will help you “plant the seed” for a bountiful harvest at the end of every growing season. Sunflower is now a member of the AGCO family of superior ag equipment products.

You’ll find the right Sunflower tillage products for your Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio farm at your local Boyd CAT dealer. Our extensive Sunflower inventory includes everything from disc harrows and soil conditioners to land finishers and field cultivators. Our staff includes knowledgeable, experienced agribusiness experts who will be happy to help you determine the best Sunflower tillage solutions for your needs and budget. We also provide prompt, attentive service for Sunflower machines long after the sale.

Sunflower Disc Harrow

sunflower  | disc harrows

Sunflower disc harrows are a staple in farming operations all across Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. The latest Sunflower models are loaded with innovative features that also make Sunflower disc harrows the number one choice of farmers throughout the United States.

Many models are equipped with staggered overlapping disc gangs that throw the soil back in a crisscross pattern, preventing the need for a chisel shank or bulk buster. Trunnion mounted bearings ensure positive alignment, while also reducing wear between the bearings and housings.

Sunflower Disc Harrow Models:

1212, 1234, 1321, 1436, 1444, 1544, 1550, 1710, 1710HD, 1810, 1830

Sunflower Soil Conditioner

sunflower  | soil conditioners

Sunflower soil conditioners can be pulled by either a primary or secondary tillage machine. Adjustable wing sections enable the conditioner to be customized to the width of the pulling machine to ensure the best possible performance. They also include a wide variety of standard features and benefits that will improve host machine effectiveness and enhance operator efficiency.

Use your soil conditioner to break up surface clods and level the ridges that have been created by aggressive tillage tools. It can also firm up the soil and promote optimum soil moisture retention. The unique C-Flex™ hangers that are used to mount the reel gangs to the conditioner’s frame prevent the need for springs or pivot points.

sunflower soil conditioner model:


Sunflower Land Finishers

sunflower  | LAND FINISHERS

Sunflower land finishers enable you to create a firm, level seedbed with just a single pass. A key feature is the one-of-a-kind disc gang reel found just behind the disc gang that makes short work of clods and thoroughly mixes soil and residue. Thanks to the disc gang placement, you can channel soil directly into the gang reels. The disc gang depth can be adjusted to 1” below or as high as 5” above the cultivator sweeps. Adjustment can be achieved by either manual or hydraulic means. You’ll also find the single-point depth control located at the front of the land finisher for easy accessibility.

sunflower LAND FINISHERS models:

6221, 6333, 6433

Sunflower Verticle Tillage

sunflower  | vertical tillage

Sunflower’s vertical tillage solutions pick up where traditional tillage systems leave off. They provide a residue breakdown that is less aggressive than a disc harrow, while also managing residue and preparing soil with minimal horizontal movement.

The efficient 22” Sunflower saber blade features five soil-lifting flutes and is designed with scallops to maintain a sharp cutting edge even after extended use. The trunnion-mounted bearings minimize wear between the bearing and housing. The trademark front-mounted gauge wheels help promote a level, furrow-free field. The hydraulic self-leveling hitch keeps the disc frame level from front to rear for easy and safe pulling.

sunflower VERTICAL TILLAGE models:

6631, 6650

Sunflower Primary Tillage

sunflower  | primary tillage

Sunflower’s array of primary tillage tools enables you to quickly and effectively obliterate whatever is submerged in your soil. They offer an excellent defense against soil compaction, while also efficiently cutting and mixing heavy residue.

Key features found in many Sunflower primary tillage products include hydraulically adjusted coulter gangs, computer-engineered shank placement and single-point depth control. The C-Flex™ bearing standards serve the important function of absorbing coulter gang shock, helping extend frame and bearing life. A wide assortment of attachments is also available that can provide greater machine versatility, such as heavy-duty coil-tine harrows, rolling treaders and chopper reels.

sunflower PRIMARY TILLAGE models:

4213, 4233, 4412, 4511, 4530, 4630, 4710, 4730

Sunflower Field Cultivator


Sunflower field cultivators are primarily used for secondary tillage processes. They’re equipped with an A-frame tongue that provides excellent support for the machine’s center section frame. The standard sweep-depth gauge — available with the 5056 field cultivator models — serves as a reliable reference when setting the proper tool operation depth. Walking tandems allow the machine to precisely follow the contours of the ground to ensure a more consistent sweep depth. Spring cushion shanks provide 25” of ground clearance underneath the machine for optimum trash flow.

sunflower FIELD CULTIVATORS models:

5035, 5135, 5056

Sunflower Inline Ripper

sunflower  | in-line rippers

Versatile Sunflower in-line rippers are constructed from high-strength steel and feature cross-bracing and gusseting for additional support. The solid, sturdy frame includes heavy-duty shanks that can provide deep penetration in tightly compacted soil.

Models can also be customized by adding minimum disturbance shanks that are specifically designed to shatter soil compaction without disturbing surface residue. The addition of the row sealer and bed buster options can convert the ripper into a slot-till tool if needed. The wide selection of optional equipment also includes coulter blades, gauge wheels, disc levelers, shank staggering brackets and pull-type hitch.

sunflower IN-LINE RIPPER models:

4710, 4730

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