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TeeJet Technologies specializes in the development of advanced technical solutions to make crop spraying, fertilizing and seeding more efficient. We’ve been creating trail-blazing crop protection products ever since the dawning of the industry in the 1940s. The TeeJet product line has continued to expand over the years and now consists of a wide range of spray products, high-precision guidance tools, application control equipment and more.

Boyd CAT Machinery — your best sources for the most innovative technological products for farmers and commercial growers in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio — are proud to offer the complete selection of TeeJet products to our client base. You’ll also get the high level of product and technical support that has kept us ahead of the pack for over a combined 150 years.

teejet | spray products

The extensive TeeJet inventory of spray products available from Boyd CAT includes various types of spray nozzles including broadcast, boomless, banding, specialty, fertilizer and tank rinsing models. You’ll also find spray guns specifically designed for high-precision handheld operation.

In addition, we carry boom components for housing nozzles and holding them in place such as nozzle bodies, clamps, caps and other fittings, as well as valves and manifolds used as liquid-control devices for sprayers. We round out the TeeJet spray product category with strainers that serve as filtering devices for sprayers.

teejet | precision farming products

The TeeJet line of precision farming products includes GPS guidance systems and GPS-compatible mapping software that ensure the highest level of navigation accuracy and pinpoint field mapping. You’ll also find numerous GPS receivers and accessories that work with TeeJet lightbar guidance products.

TeeJet onboard auto steering products use GPS navigation to automate and enhance navigation in the field, which significantly reduce the completion time of your farming tasks. Boom section products are also available that boost lightbar guidance system performance, including tilt compensation products, automatic swath management systems and more.


Using TeeJet application control and equipment in your farming operation is the best way to effectively manage your spraying, fertilizing and seeding processes. Product options include sprayer monitors that provide real-time information regarding the status of your spraying tasks and electronic control systems that allow for precise application of fertilizer and other crop protection products.

You can also purchase direct chemical injection system components such as tanks and metering pumps. Boyd CAT is your one-stop headquarters in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio for other TeeJet application control and equipment solutions such as flow, speed and pressure sensors as well as slurry application controls, control valves and a wide range of ISOBUS and ISO 11783 solutions.

teejet | Field Computers

TeeJet field computers combine the most advanced technology with proven subsystems to optimize productivity and provide the highest possible levels of precision. Use your field computer for advanced guidance and auto-steering capabilities and to maintain better control during material application.

Key features include a built-in sub-meter GPS system that is also compatible with most standard GPS receivers and a robust monitoring function that provides real-time display of droplet size during monitoring. Other valuable features include WiFi capability, multiple application-control capabilities for granular and liquid product and a proven section-control subsystem.

Boyd CAT Can Take the Mystery out of Farming Technology

The Boyd CAT staff include knowledgeable technology representatives who are up to date on the latest farming technological developments. We also have a thorough familiarity with the entire TeeJet product line and how it can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your farming operation. For help implementing the right TeeJet solution into your operation, you can count on us.

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Stop by a conveniently-located Boyd CAT store today to get a closer look at the entire TeeJet product line and learn more about how TeeJet products can benefit your Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio farming operation. You can also contact us by phone or email for additional product and pricing information.

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