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Willmar Spreaders

With Willmar spreaders, you can apply fertilizer and other materials to your fields with greater precision and efficiency. That results in greater crop yields and a more attractive bottom line for your farming operation. Willmar spreaders also feature rugged and durable construction, which can significantly reduce your cost of ownership over time. You’ll appreciate their remarkable agility, making them easy to operate for new and inexperienced users alike.

Boyd CAT is your one-stop sources for the latest Willmar pull-type spreaders in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. We also provide complete maintenance and repair service to keep your spreader on the job for years to come.

willmar spreader | s-150

The S-150 is a quick, agile “orchard-friendly” spreader that is the perfect machine for applying materials in orchards and on turf. Weighing only 1,470 lbs. when empty, the S-150 can be towed easily to exactly where you need it.
The uniquely designed dual spinners enable you to deliver material in an overlapping pyramid pattern, which eliminates pattern variations that often occur during windy conditions or on uneven terrain. An orchard detector is also available as an optional feature that makes it easier to place the bulk of your material at the center of orchard rows.

Willmar S500

willmar spreader | s-500

The versatile S-500 features multiple standard- and narrow-track options, making it suitable for just about any material spreading situation. You can increase the S-500’s versatility by choosing from two different PTO options.

The multi-leaf spring suspension system installed on either side of each axle helps ensure smooth, stable spreader operation. The hand-operated, two-speed conveyor allows you to easily control the material application rate. You can also choose between single- and dual-spinner configurations. The lighting and reflective devices are ASAE S279-compliant to ensure safe on-road travel.

Willmar S800

willmar spreader | s-600/s-800

The S-600 and S-800 Willmar spreader models offer the ultimate combination of accuracy, productivity, durability and dependability. Key features include a simple, yet extremely effective, chain-and-gear, two-speed conveyor system with a slip clutch to prevent damage due to unintended conveyor stoppage.

An efficient 540 PTO drive is standard equipment, and a 540/1000 upgrade is also available. Spreader setup is designed to be a fast and easy process — just hitch the spreader to your tractor, connect the PTO and adjust the gate height to the desired level, and you’re ready to go. The S-800 version includes a window at the front, so you can easily see the amount of remaining material.

Willmar Loadrunner

willmar spreader | rear-discharge tender

The Willmar spreader line also includes truck-mounted, rear-discharge tenders. Designed for serious material handling/application tasks, these highly efficient rear-discharge machines are the preferred choice of commercial fertilizer dealers, operators of large farms and custom applicators.

They’re equipped with large-capacity hoppers that feed into a single auger, enabling them to carry bulk quantities of just about any type of dry-material product. They also feature an impressive applicator/planter loading rate of up to two tons per minute. Ladders mounted in the rear make the hoppers easily accessible. The stainless-steel hopper sides make cleanout a fast and simple process.

Willmar Sideshooter

willmar spreader | side-discharge tender

Willmar “side-shooting” tenders are available in 16- and 24-ton capacities. These tenders can be either truck- or trailer-mounted and have the ability to handle up to two tons of material per minute. The four- or six-compartment hoppers can hold a wide range of materials, and the 40-degee sloped sides provide fast and efficient material dispensing.

The two stainless-steel gate control handles help streamline and simplify the hopper unloading process. Separate controls conveniently located on the left side of the catwalk enable you to turn the side discharge on and off, as well as fold/unfold and raise/lower the auger as needed.

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