Condition Monitoring

Proactive management of the condition of your heavy equipment fleet is one of those things that sometimes gets overlooked, especially during busy times of the year. However, it is an essential step for keeping equipment working properly and avoiding expensive repairs down the road. The Condition Monitoring service offered by Boyd CAT can remove much of the fleet management/maintenance burden from your shoulders.

What Is Condition Monitoring?

Condition Monitoring is a service developed by Caterpillar® that helps Cat® equipment owners increase machine runtime, decrease ownership costs and simplify the fleet management process. The service seamlessly integrates high-level data with automated analytics as a means of detecting changes in engine and component performance. In essence, Condition Monitoring serves as an early warning system that can prevent serious machine repair issues from occurring.

What Is Included With the Boyd CAT Condition Monitoring Service?

When you sign up for Condition Monitoring, you get access to the team of expert Boyd CAT equipment service specialists who use a variety of advanced methods and state-of-the-art technology to assess the health and operating condition of your fleet. We analyze five crucial elements that directly impact machine performance and lifespan:

  1. S•O•S Fluid Analysis: This regular testing of oil, coolant and other vital fluid samples provides detailed reports that help assess component wear.
  2. Electronic Equipment: Benefit from wireless around-the-clock electronic monitoring of your heavy equipment, providing essential data that maximizes equipment uptime and reduces operating costs.
  3. Equipment History: Gauge present and future maintenance needs with this in-depth analysis of previous machine maintenance, inspection and repair reports.
  4. Equipment Inspection: We’ll train your team on how to spot potential equipment issues in the early stages.
  5. Site Conditions: This provides an assessment of factors that have a long-term impact on equipment health and longevity such as operator practices and site and weather/environmental conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Condition Monitoring?

The Boyd CAT Condition Monitoring Service gives you one less thing to worry about. You’ll know the status of your equipment’s health at all times and exactly when you need to make minor repairs.

This can save you a substantial amount of money in the form of major equipment repairs in the long run. Your operators won’t have to spend as much time on machine maintenance, freeing them up for more productive jobsite activities. What’s more, you’ll benefit from the high level of Boyd CAT heavy equipment expertise developed over more than a century of serving companies in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio.

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